Nouman Ali Khan

1- Take hold of your future
2- Never Give Up Hope
3- Contradicting Community
4- From Darkness to Light
5- Responsibility of being “Witness to the humanity”
6- Our future as Muslims in the West
7- Communication Catastrophe
8- Inaugurated as an Ummah
9- How to set up a community (Surah nisa :54)
10- Living as an Ummah
11- We Are A Distinct Ummah
12- Disagreements and Divisions in Our Ummah


Omar Suleiman

1- I Could Never Be Like Them Anyway
2- Discovering Our Role in Society


AbdulBary Yahya

1- Formula for Change
2- Practical Lessons from Seerah for Modern Age
3- I Am The Ummah of Rasulullah
4- Not Tomorrow, Today
5- The Early Years: Muslims in Makkah vs Muslims in the 21st Century


Abdul Malik

1- Service to Society
2- The struggle to re-establish Islam today


Abdur Raheem Green

1- Coca Cola Muslim Generation
2- Culture Confusion
3- United for His pleasure
4- Surviving in the West
5- Crying out of the Ummah
6- Curse of the Consumer Society 
7- Islam Will Enter Every House
8- Building a Moral Society