Prophet Muhammad (S)

Nouman Ali Khan

1- Do you intend to question the Messenger?


Omar Suleiman

1- Revelation to Revolution
2- Aisha’s (RA) Necklace


AbdulBary Yahya

1- Practical Lessons from Seerah for Modern Age
2- Do You Love the Prophet (pbuh) More Than Yourself?
3- Early Muslims in Makkah
4- “The Prophet Muhammad”
5- Importance of Defending the Prophet (ﷺ) with Q&A
6- Lessons from the Hijrah


Abdur Raheem Green

1- What do you really know about Muhammad (s)?


Ahmed Deedat

1- What the bible says about Muhummed 
2- Muhummed (Pbuh) The Natural Successor to Christ (Pbuh)
3- Muhummed (Pbuh) The Greatest
4- Jesus (Pbuh) and Muhummed (Pbuh) A Comparative Study


Bilal Assad

1- The Mercy of Prophet Muhammad
           – The Mercy of Prophet Muhammad (Q&A)