Ahmed Deedat

  1. If the label shows your intent, Wear It
  2. Combat Kit Course Against Bible Thumpers
  3. Missionary Inroads
  4. Challenge of the Missionaries
  5. Dawah or destruction
  6. Crossing the Threshold of Hope — The Popes Pious Pronouncement
  7. Dawah in the USA
  8. New deceit in Christian Evangelism
  9. What makes Good Friday good
  10. Free bible Course
  11. An Introduction to Dawah within a Non Muslim context
  12. Is The Bible The Word of God – Sheikh Ahmed Deedat VS Pastor Stanley Sjoberg.
  13. The Quran or The Bible
  14. Shaikh Ahmed Deedat vs Dr. Floyd E. Clark: Was Christ Crucified?
  15. Is the Bible God’s Word – Ahmed Deedat Vs. Jimmy Swaggart
  16. The famous debate – Is Jesus God – Ahmed Deedat vs Anis Shorrosh
  17.  Was Jesus Christ Crucified – Debate – Sheikh Ahmed Deedat V.S. Bishop General Wakefield
  18. Islam and Christianity — Gary Miller
  19. Islam Christianity SABC Debate
  20. Preview of USA debate in the UAE
  21. Is Israel set up for destruction — Ex-Congressman Paul Findley
  22. Concept of God in Hinduism – Swami Agnivesh (founder of the Arya Sabah, India) and Sheikh Ahmed Deedat.
  23. Deedat’s Debate With American Soldiers
  24. Islam and other Religions
  25. Man, God relationships in Islam
  26. Challenge of Islam
  27. Islam The Message of Truth
  28.  Islam in Africa
  29. Christianity, Judaism or Islam
  30. Justice and Equality
  31. Islams Answer to the new World Order
  32. What is Wisdom?
  33.  What the bible says about Muhummed 
  34. Muhummed (Pbuh) The Natural Successor to Christ (Pbuh)
  35. Muhummed (Pbuh) The Greatest
  36. Jesus (Pbuh) and Muhummed (Pbuh) A Comparative Study
  37. Christ in Islam
  38. Sequel to Christ in Islam
  39. Is Jesus (Pbuh) God
  40. Crucifixion or Cruci-Fiction
  41. Jesus Christ (Pbuh) in Christianity and Islam
  42. Jesus (Pbuh) the beloved Prophet of Islam
  43. Jesus (Pbuh), Man, Myth or God
  44. Jesus (Pbuh) and Muhummed (Pbuh) A Comparative Study
  45. Message of the Quran
  46. Al-Qur’an — Miracle of miracles 
  47. “Freely Speaking” – Is the bible God’s word? Ahmad Deedat interviewed on Geneva Radio
  48. Arabs and Israel — Conflict or Conciliation
  49. Ahmed Deedat on BBC
  50. Short Talks by Ahmed Deedat
  51.  Pro’s and Con’s of Israel
  52. How Rushdie fooled the West 
  53. Mother of all Injustices
  54. Ahmed Deedat playlist
  55. Daughters of Islam


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