Ahmed Deedat

1- Is The Bible The Word of God? – Sheikh Ahmed Deedat VS Pastor Stanley Sjoberg.
2- The Quran or The Bible
3- Sheikh Ahmed Deedat vs Dr. Floyd E. Clark: Was Christ Crucified?
4- Is the Bible God’s Word? – Ahmed Deedat Vs. Jimmy Swaggart
5- The famous debate – Is Jesus God? – Ahmed Deedat vs Anis Shorrosh
6- Was Jesus Christ Crucified? – Debate – Sheikh Ahmed Deedat V.S. Bishop General Wakefield
7- Islam and Christianity – Gary Miller
8- Islam Christianity SABC Debate
9- Preview of USA debate in the UAE
10- Is Israel set up for destruction? – Ex-Congressman Paul Findley
11- Concept of God in Hinduism – Swami Agnivesh (founder of the Arya Sabah, India) and Sheikh Ahmed Deedat
12- Deedat’s Debate With American Soldiers


Jamal Badawi

1- The Holy Quran: Word Of God Or Word Of Muhammad?
2- Islam vs Christianity_Dr William Craig
3- Refuting Dr. William Campbell’s Anti Islam Book
4- Is Muhammad a Prophet of God?
5- The Cross And Salvation



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