Nouman Ali Khan 

1- Quran Weekly:
       – Surah Ankabut
       – Surah Israh
       – Surah Fussilat
2- Brilliance of The Book
3- The Quran – The Book of Timeless Guidance
4- Quran and Science
5- From Darkness to Light
6- Are you Abandoning the Quran?
7- My Favorite Du’a in the Quran
8- Power of Quran:
      Part 1
      – Part 2
9- Quranic Teachings vs Blind Faith
10- Objectives of Shariah
11- Is The Quran Miraculous?
12- Divine Speech Prologue:
       – Part 1
       – Part 2
13- Quran: Your Companion on the Day Of Judgement
14- The Miraculous Quran and the Islamic Revolution 
15- What is the Quran?
16- Extracting Guidance from The Quran
17- Blueprint from the Divine
18- The Quran’s Remedy for Sadness
19- Linguistic miracle of the Quran:
       – Part 1
       – Part 2
20- Science and Quran and the concept of Miracles
21- Qur’an & Daily Life


Omar Suleiman

1- Revelation to Revolution


Abdul Malik

1- We have made the Qur’an easy


Abdur Raheem Green

1- Quran and Modern World
2- The Qur’an: Don’t Burn It, Learn It


Ahmed Deedat

1- Message of the Quran
2- Al-Qur’an — Miracle of miracles



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